Smoke Detectors. Any differences?

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Are you aware of the type of smoke detectors that you have? Have you ever wondered if they have any differences? There are definitely differences. There are two types of smoke detectors on the market today. They share a common feature: they detect smoke and fire differently depending on where it comes from.

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, ionization smoke detectors are more sensitive to a flaming flame. These alarms detect smoke in the atmosphere by using “ions”, or electrically charged particles.

Photoelectric smoke detectors are a type of smoke detector that uses a light beam to detect smoke.

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How do you choose the right detectors? The good news is that NFPA recommends having both types of detectors as you never know what type of fire might erupt in your house. If the detectors don’t work correctly, they are useless. According to NFPA between 2010 and 2016, 24% of all smoke alarms failed due to dead batteries.

Take care to inspect your smoke detectors frequently!

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