Before getting a quote from our team, we suggest going through all the terms and conditions to exclude all kinds of misunderstanding.

1. Important Note Regarding Job Confirmation:
Kindly note that we retain the prerogative to rescind accepted jobs if we have
not conducted a prior availability assessment.
2. Additional Items and Price Consideration:
Should you possess additional items, it’s prudent to acknowledge the
possibility of a slight increase in the quoted price. If the scope involves 1-5
boxes, this shouldn’t present a concern, unless a comprehensive survey has
been conducted beforehand.
3. Challenges in Navigating Constricted Spaces:
Instances of extended, narrow hallways, corridors, staircases, or challenging
corners impeding the efficiency of our movers may necessitate an incremental
service charge, contingent upon a preliminary survey.
4. Parking Arrangements Responsibility:
All parking space logistics, including any pertinent parking fees or permits, fall
under the purview of the customer. If the distance from the entryway to the
parking locale surpasses 20-25 meters, a reassessment of the pricing may be


  • 5. Third-Party Delay Induced Charges:
    In cases where third-party actions on your end lead to delays, we levy a
    nominal fee of £100 per hour for Luton Vans and £120 per hour for Low
    Loader Vans. This encompasses scenarios where our team is held up due to
    waiting times or key-related delays. Swiftly accruing extra time due to
    unforeseen exigencies might result in charges ranging from £150 to £200 per
    hour per van. Please seek pre-confirmation of prevailing hourly rates during
    booking, alongside the supplementary charge for potential extension beyond
    the initially agreed hours.
London Removals and Storage
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  • 6. Dismantling and Reassembling Services Clarification:
    Inclusive provisions for dismantling and reassembling services are subject to
    prior agreement or inclusion in the provided offer.
    7. Packing and Unpacking Service:
    It is imperative to acknowledge that the costs for packing and unpacking
    services are not inherently included in the base price. These services are
    subject to prior agreement.
    The pricing structure for packing/unpacking services on the day of the move,
    unless an hourly rate arrangement is established, is as follows:
    £3 per box (exclusive of packing/unpacking)
     £7 per box (small and medium) solely for packing
     £11 per box (small and medium) for packing and unpacking
     £13 per wardrobe box (inclusive of packing)
     £25 per roll of bubble wrap
     £5 per roll of shrink wrap
     £1 per roll of tape
     £15 for packing paper
    (Note: Advanced dispatch of boxes may entail additional charges.)
    An added fuel and time surcharge may be applicable if you request packing
    service on the moving day, mandating a return trip to our depot for packing
    material collection.
  • 8. Cancellation and Short Notice Charges:
    Our policy stipulates that cancellations or delays with less than 7 days’ notice
    may incur charges between 50-100% of the agreed-upon price.
    9. Time Slot Allocation:
    In cases where a specific time slot is not reserved, we retain the authority to
    allocate one at our discretion.
    10. Efficiency in Minor Jobs:

    For smaller jobs, partial loads, or furniture deliveries, we may consider
    concurrent assignments, unless an exclusive van reservation has been secured

    11. Damage Reporting Protocol:
    Timely communication of any damages upon delivery, or within a maximum
    of 48 hours thereafter, is critical for initiating any claims. Non-adherence to
    this timeframe might render claims ineligible, including those under the purview of London Removals.
London Removals and Storage
12. Trusted Partner Collaboration:
We retain the prerogative to sub-contract certain assignments to verified
partners within London or other regions where our coverage is limited. All
partners undergo thorough verification and possess requisite experience and
13. Mitigating Delays Due to Key Access:
In scenarios where you lack access to your new property’s keys and wish to
avoid payment for delays, you possess the option to direct us to unload items
into your garage or a nearby area. Subsequently, the transfer to your
residence post key acquisition would incur an additional charge unless
otherwise negotiated.
purview of London Removals.
13B) Room-Specific Delivery on Flat Rate Jobs:
For flat rate assignments, wherein items are initially delivered to a designated
room at your request, subsequent relocation within your residence would
entail an extra charge unless specifically agreed upon.
14. Final Payment Timeline:
In the event full payment hasn’t been rendered at the time of booking, the
final payment must be made a day prior to the job. Failure to meet this
requirement may lead to supplementary charges.
15. Issuance of PODs and POPs:
Post-service, PODs and POPs are generated. Should you require an invoice,
kindly inform our office in advance.
16. VAT Application and Pricing:
All prices presented exclude VAT. VAT is applicable and will be added when
the final amount is computed and the invoice is generated.
17. Comprehensive Invoicing:
Supplementary charges such as Tolls, Congestion Zone fees, Parking Fees,
Tickets, Crossing Charges, ULEZ, additional work hours, and related costs shall
be itemized in the invoice.
18. Storage and Redelivery Contingency:
In situations where items are retained in our storage due to reasons like
outstanding payments or pending delivery, we reserve the right to charge for
storage and subsequent redelivery.
19. Insurance Coverage and Customer Responsibilities:
Noteworthy is that our insurance coverage does not encompass damages or
losses incurred during loading/unloading by customers, transportation by
non-crew members, or if customers assemble/dismantle furniture. This rule
extends to valuable items (e.g., Jewelry, Watches), not packed by us and not
disclosed by customers.
20. Customer-Packed Goods and Insurance Implications:
In the case of customer-packed boxes or bags, our insurance policy shall not
apply to damages sustained by the contents. For electronics like TVs, use of
original packaging or specific arrangements are advised.
21. Weight and Volume Considerations:
Our quoting methodology is based on volume/listing, not weight. To ensure
compliance with weight limits on roads, the van will be weighed post
loading. Specific weight restrictions per van type exist (Luton: 1000kg, Low
Loader: 1200kg, 7.5t Lorry: 2400kg), with a maximum weight cap of 60kg per
22. Exceeding Agreed Work Parameters:
Instances of surpassing agreed-upon hours, daily or half-day rates mandate
additional payment for extended work hours, unless a FLAT RATE agreement
encompassing volume or item count exists. For exact details, kindly contact
our office regarding supplementary charges.
23. Box Weight Limit Consideration:
In adherence to practicality and the safety of our personnel, please ensure
boxes do not exceed 20kg in weight. If lifting becomes challenging, we
reserve the right to refuse or limit the number of heavy boxes, applying this
weight restriction to all household items.
24. Understanding Service Rates:
The terms “minimum charge,” “half-day rate,” and “full-day rate” denote the
minimum payable amount for

Let our results speak for themselves.


Everything went very well with our move. Driver turned up 20 mins early and we started the move straight away. He was very helpful – packing the van in a way that would protect our items. He then drove our stuff to our new house, while we followed in the car. Upon arrival we quickly got the stuff moved, without hassle. He was very friendly and helpful
Polly Stephens

I required a complete house move from London to Peterborough. Two jobs were booked, one to move my house contents and the other to move 30 marble statues. They were polite, punctual and did a fantastic job. They were able to disassemble and reassemble furniture pieces that I would have struggled to assemble on my own. They wrapped several delicate items on their own. Louis was very responsive and communicated well. He accepted half of the payment upfront and half on the day. The price was significantly lower than other companies I tried. Highly recommend.
Grayson Hancock

I am a student at University of London. I needed to go home for the entire summer and London Removals and Storage took care of my stuff while I was away. They stored my stuff and moved it into my new apartment in London on the 29.08.2021. They are professional workers and I'm very happy that I chose them to handle my move. For me, they are the best of all London. They are my only choice. Louis the move coordinator and Bryant, the warehouse manager were the ones who took care of all my stuff and did it more than Great!!!!
Jamie Sutton

Thanks to JohnnyGo’s team my house is now as good as new! They helped me to renew my roof, fixed the heating system and rewired the house. I’m very grateful as I could never do it alone! These guys are very careful, skilled and indeed fast!
Adam Smith

It was my first time to request the assistance of professional maintenance team as previously I used to do everything by myself. They painted my facade carefully and my wife is very pleased that it was done so delicate and fast.
David Jones

I was recommended to use JohnnyGo by my co-worker. I needed an emergency help because of insects, and they helped me to resolve this problem so quick! I’ll definitely get back again as they have so many useful services!
Mag Richards

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